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Circus Jumpers v1.2.4 [Money Mod]


Circus Jumpers v1.2.4 [Money Mod] Welcome to our troupe of circus jumpers! Perform breathtaking stunts and get the adrenaline buzz. Choose one of the three heroes: a romantic clown, an ambitious and impressive circus manager, or a monkey, a carefree child of the wild. Improve your skills: balance on the verge of falling and overcome any difficulties on the way to your goal. Collect coins: get bonus features and achieve new records.
Go for it!
No matter how many times you fell,
If you could manage to rise once again,
You’ve won the grand prize and you’ve won it well,
Your fall is not a loss, it is a gain.


Circus Jumpers v1.2.4 [Money Mod]

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