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Lost Tale v1.0.2 Mod Apk

Lost Tale

Lost Tale v1.0.2 Mod Apk

“Just so bored and lonely, do not you? ㅠ ‘
▶ ‘Dungeon Party’ composed in real time
A party combining different attributes and career
Let’s challenge the combined forces up to the stage!

“I think a lot of clothes are lacking something .. !! ‘
▶ to complete me ‘costume’
Boasting a personal touch in a variety of customized
Let appearance, as well as increased ability to fight!

“Haejwoya just know that a horse ?! ㅠ ‘
▶ feelings as ’emoticons’!
Happy, sad, angry! Through Charming emoticons
Let me express a variety of emotions!

“This ride – not all – got to yippwo ‘
▶ gwiyeom gwiyeom appeal explosion ‘flaming’
Will each own ride with a different look and movement speed, auxiliary skills!
Take the ride to help combat the departed!

“I want to grow so cute ㅠ ㅠ ‘
▶ decided thee! “Three kinds of pet ‘
Let’s play a battle with petdeul with the three properties!
And even reincarnation is also possible evolutionary growth item!
And also it has a pet Attack Power UP! UP!

‘I say ~ ~ I want to love ~ ♬’
▶ please accept my heart – ‘Hearts expression’ ppyongppyong!
Let’s pass the hearts and coins acquire the costume!
It looks more glamorous to be expressed!

‘uh?! That sounds like fun Oh, do you?! ”
▶ Save the gathered force field ‘PVE!’
Prevent the help of allies attacked the gun!
More than twice as fun when alone!

‘Why’s it along today, annoyed naneunji … . ㅠ ‘
▶ Do not noticeable today in my eyes ~ ‘PVP!’
Fate of cases the pride of the guild battle, before the camp!
I am the first place in this area, the Arena!

Such greedy and want more ‘growth? Was not he? ‘
▶ I’m stronger! Former class!
The former class segment surpassed the basic job!
Abilities, appearance, skills, use weapons, such as detailed ex-change is possible!

▣ roast tail formally open commemorate a special event!
1. Challenge the dog geunwang! So as to increase the access through a lottery Gift!
2. Raise the hwalyakdo authentication generous compensation through a lottery!
3. If the authentication level up the opportunity to receive bromide watts Weiss signed CD!
4. Look at the stars gathered strength! Depending on the rated power achieve gift items!

Official cafe

# Game Guide Setting permissions for a service #
1) Call and management allow:
Your phone dialing function, please be assured of no effect.
The right is used only for purposes necessary to collect device information and compensation in the event customer interaction.
If you accept the privilege can be accessed without exception won the event information and guidance and so on.

2) Book
Access your address book, please be assured that not collect the information.
Please be assured that permission is required in order to function am a Google login support.

3) The machine, pictures, media, file access
Please be assured that include your photos and files are not accessible.
If you accept the privilege to install the game on an external memory, or you can save the video play screen.

4) audio access
Please be assured that not affect your audio functions.
That authority is the authority required to use the video recording feature of the voice chat functionality and Naver.
If you accept the privilege, you can record voice chat and game play screen as a movie.

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1.) Massive Damage
2.) Massive Crit

Install Steps:
1.) install my mod
2.) login play enjoy



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