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Rodem the Wild v1.1 apk


Rodem the Wild v1.1 apk The wild dog simulation game where you can experience extreme freedom has been upgraded, and finally released on Android !

Rodem who became a wild dog arrived at “Hyakujiri Park”, and faced the cruel reality.

■■How to play■■

[Face change] Change Rodem’s facial expression by tapping his face

・Normal…Usual face, when you’re doing nothing.

・Charming… With charming face, you can befriend other dogs when approaching them.

・Take in mouth… Usually, Rodem takes anything in his mouth.

・Eat… Mushrooms, Trees, Other things… Rodem is a glutton.

・Bite… If you’re attacked, strike back immediately !

[Main Commands]

・Run…Rodem runs where you’ll tap.

・Sit…Swipe from Rodem’s butt to the ground to make him sit down cleverly.

・Gem…When Rodem’s sitting down, Swipe from his butt to the ground to make him produce a good one.

・Squall…After absorbing a lot of water, spray to the earth! Swipe from Rodem’s front legs to his butt.

・Sleep…Leave Rodem as he is when he’s sitting down and he’ll go straight to the kingdom of dreams.

【It seems to be this kind of game】

○Before game’s start, chose the dog’s attribute between the four elements (attributes) like “Brave Fire”,or “Calm Tree”, and have a wonderful doggy life!

○Make the bizarre fruit “Difficult Plant” grow up on Rodem’s head to become an “ItaChoco RASHO Art Treasure Image” and collect them all.

○You can check Rodem’s physical condition be looking at his “Gem” ! If he’s living a healthy life, A Premium “Gifts of the earth” could appear !

○A new life will born if you’re doing “Squall”, if you’re making a “Gem”, it becomes a fertilizer and the environment will change.

Is it a miniature of the world ? Many thing will happen in this “Hyakujiri Park” depending on Rodem’s behavior.


Rodem the Wild v1.1 apk

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