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Tap Summoner v1.0.6d (Mod Apk)

Tap Summoner

Tap Summoner v1.0.6d (Mod Apk) is a mobile RPG Tower Offense action card battle game for Android & IOS users. A real-time fast paced tapping combat! This game is focused around tapping your screen repeatedly, in so summoning minions to attack the monster.

• Recruit Unique Custom Made Dungeon-Crawlers
Play 15 unique summoners and 45 unique minions, each with their own strengths on the offense battlefield. Choose the Bo-Moh for curse creatures, Mad Scientist for zombie apocalypse, a Taoist for jumping fear and many more!

• Answer the call
Only you and your summoner card can journey to help Lord Devi to conquer the world and unlock their special powers to repel the overlord of each world. Rise from the mystery Underworld, rise under the burning hell of legion, travel through the advance surface of earth to be the strongest overlord.

• Taping offense battles
Real-time and fast paced tower offense combat! Tap on the screen to summon minion to quickly decimate your foe. The more tappings you make, the more devastating your offense will be. Deliver character specific special abilities like Scientist’s Poison Cloud or the Wrath of the Overlord!

* Real Time Strategy – Tap and hold to summon the minion of your choice
* Choose your masters to help offensively and defensively
* 15 Unique Masters – All with their own special abilities
* 45 Unique Minions to Summon
* 5 Worlds to conquer
* Real-time and fast paced tower offense combat!
* Addictive Collect them all gameplay
* Treasure Chest reward
* Equip your summoners with legendary equipment!
* Unlock and Upgrade your Summoners
* Final Localised languages to be supported and will be confirmed soon.

Website: ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ
Developer Website:

Tap Summoner (Unreleased)
Tap Summoner (Unreleased)
Tap Summoner (Unreleased)
Tap Summoner (Unreleased)
Tap Summoner (Unreleased)
Tap Summoner (Unreleased)

[.1.] Free Shop with Diamonds – It can go negative
[.2.] Free Shop with Gold – It can go negative
[.3.] Debug Console Enabled
[.4.] Something cool added to Debug Console


Tap Summoner v1.0.6d (Mod Apk) – DAİLYUPLOAD

Tap Summoner v1.0.6d (Mod Apk) – DROPLOAD

Tap Summoner v1.0.6d (Mod Apk) – UPLOADED

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