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Action of Mayday: Zombie World v1.3.1 [Mod]


Action of Mayday: Zombie World v1.3.1 [Mod] continues with the grand sequel of the first Action of Mayday: Last Defense game. In this exiting first person shooter (FPS) game, Action of Mayday: Zombie World, you will play as Jerry, a special FBI agent who is on a secret assignment commissioned by the UN to investigate the original site of the massive zombie outbreak.

From the White House in DC and Wall Street in New York to the Tower Bridge in London; from the Louvre in Paris to the Germany Neuschwanstein; from docks in Rotterdam to the castle of Jerusalem, you will witness the disasters around the world and how people are trying to escape from flesh eating zombies. You must use your weapons and become an ultimate hero to save mankind.


• Follow the story to complete 60 well-crafted adventure missions and six endless missions in survivor mode
• Enjoy a variety of mission types: defending bunkers, shooting from helicopters using snipers, shooting from Hummers with machine guns, and protecting safe houses
• Explore over 20 unique themes and immerse yourself in many of the world’s most famous buildings
• Full 3D characters and environments with stunning graphic design and visual details.
• Equip yourself with over 30 famous handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and rockets, including the AK-47, M249, P90, Scorpion, Clock 17, SVD, and et al
• Smart adaptive zombie AI that will keep you challenged and entertained. Use main your weapon, secondary weapon, rockets, props, and gas tanks strategically to kill waves of zombies and complete missions
• Smart partner AI with upgradable weapons to assist your adventures.
• Over 20 different types of zombies with a variety of appearances, abilities, and strength to make the zombie slaughter more fun and exciting.
• Complete missions or save survivors to earn bonus coins to buy/upgrade weapons or buy optional supplies.
• More characters, missions, themes, and weapons are coming soon…


 Action of Mayday: Zombie World v1.3.1 [Mod]

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