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Age of Avatars v1.0.88 [Mods] Apk


Age of Avatars v1.0.88 [Mods]  Apk Outsmart your enemy and defeat them before they see it coming! Smooth battle pace, dazzling special effects! Diverse gaming experience! If you are up for a challenge and looking for excitement, this is the one for you!

We have prepared enough CB events to celebrate for the new year!
Event 1: Pandora’s box
Event 2: I am the adventure king! (Instance challenge)
Event 3: Spend & get more
Event 4: Master of gear enhancement
Event 5: Login 7 days get 3★hero

※Game Features※
【Battle = Strategy + control】
Waiting for the enemies to cast spell shouldn’t be the main focus of a battle, in 《Age of Avatars》, you can control the heroes to move and avoid attacks, focus fire on enemy’s weakest link, interrupt their spells and own the battle before the enemies realize the battle no longer favors them.

【Diverse gaming experience】
Story mode, conquer instances – Super rich game content, highly controllable battles, creative new systems will fulfill all your needs!
Chest fight – This is not the traditional ranking fights, this is the REAL time REAL PVP fighting against REAL player!
Relay challenge – Grow your heroes, make sure they are at the best they can be, and go! Fight through the endless waves of monsters, 1 VS all!
Pray – Pray to the stars to find your soul mates in game, you might even receive bonus rewards if you find “the special someone”.
The 12 palace – Want the golden treasures locked inside the 12palace? Gather your heroes, gods, demons, elves and clear your way through!

【Battle through time】
「Hercules Vs Hellboy!」 Both have been spit on by the world and both suffered through their lives, what would happen when they meet on the battlefield?
「King Arthur Vs Monkey King!」 When western hero king meets the eastern monkey king, which king will be the new king in this time and space?
「Valkyrie Vs Vampire!」 Beautiful yet fierce Valkyrie and classy noble vampire, when they meet in the Mystery, would we see romance? Or an epic battle?
「Zhao Yun Vs Lancelot!」 They both supported a king to create an empire, but one was loyal for life while the other one turned for love, if they meet, would they be friends, or enemy?
「Medusa Vs Athena!」 Two beauties that never got along well before, what would happen when they meet again? Let’s see what kind of trouble they will stir with their beauty charm and wisdom.

Mod: stelau4
1. player damage is high
2. no hit delay
3. player defense very high

1. 1hit kill
2. god mode in story mode
3. unlock all daily fun
do not use for guild boss has its autokill and dont provide level or reward

Mod3: Megamod
1. 1hit kill
2. god mode
3. attack speed raised
4. move speed raised
5. all daily fun unlocked


 Age of Avatars v1.0.88 [Mods]  Apk

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