Monday , May 17 2021

Age of Wushu Dynasty Korean v9.0.5 Mod Apk


Age of Wushu Dynasty Korean

Age of Wushu Dynasty Korean v9.0.5 Mod Apk Added 25 VS 25 players
– Added pet system
– Addition of equipment refining system
– Addition of regeneration system
– Change interface
– Add a new costume
– Existing system optimization

Furious Warrior – Master – Defeat the mode of pastor and nurture your own character!
Challenging sophisticated control with a system that is off the monotonous stats calculation!
Hundreds of artifacts, live PVP with lots of artifacts, various contents!
Early 2016! The MMORPG mobile martial arts masterpiece to overcome limitations!
Gourmet, Takeshi world, limitless!

[Game Features]

▶ The only thing to fly is NO! Light PK is delicious!

– Anyone who loves martial arts is a fool once! Free stroll without restrictions of the area!
– The illusion that art can fly is NO! Let’s combine the battle system with the arts to experience various combat aspects!

▶ A sword can not carry a sword ?!

– A game that emphasizes realism, Gourmet! The monk breaks the paradox that you can not knife!
– Let’s pioneer the unique way of combining hundreds of Woo Jin-kyung’s artworks with the freedom to learn without limitation the moon!

▶ Nogada is against you! I am so excited by the abundant content that I am exhausted!

– Let’s experience various contents including infinite dungeon, strongest boss exhibition, real-time PvP, group exhibition, ranking exhibition, costume!
– I make my heart of gourmets! Join the career system and enjoy the fun beyond the PK!

▶ IWUF (International Martial Arts Federation) world champion motion capture! We are the Champions!

– A martial arts library built with motion capture from world champions!
– Vivid martial arts to the world champion!

▶ A bold bout in a realistic world of power!

– Improved game effects with Snail Digital’s own development engine Flexi.
– An in-game map that created the original due diligence

[Goung Jin Young official community]

– Naver Cafe:
– Facebook:

[Gourmet Customer Center]
Developer contact:
Seoul, Teheran-ro 147
Customer center receptionist:


Features mods:

  • God Mode
  • No skills cd
  • No skills cost
  • Full map atk

Installation instructions:
– Download the APK and install
– Open the game and load game data


Age of Wushu Dynasty Korean v9.0.5 Mod Apk – DRİVE UPLOAD

Age of Wushu Dynasty Korean v9.0.5 Mod Apk – UPLOADED

Age of Wushu Dynasty Korean v9.0.5 Mod Apk – DRICE LINK


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