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Airport City v4.4.2 Mod Apk


Airport City v4.4.2 Mod Apk
– Build hangars and runways
– Send planes to the far corners of the globe
– Increase your level to unlock new destinations and buy new types of aircraft
– Import rare items from far-off lands
– Complete collections and exchange them for bonuses
– Get exclusive gifts as rewards for passing themed quests
– Build your own unique jet-setter city
– Collect profits from commercial buildings and upgrade the infrastructure of your metropolis

✔ This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on the plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!
✔ Stunning graphics and high-quality sounds accompany every action
✔ Easy-to-use interface and engrossing gameplay
✔ Intuitive tutorial and help features
✔ Lots of colorful characters, each with their own unique story
✔ Dozens of commercial and residential buildings as well as decorations make Airport City one of the best building games for kids.✔ No advertisements


Airport City v4.4.2 Apk

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