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Akanesasu Shojo v1.0.0 (Mod Apk)

Akanesasu Shojo

Akanesasu Shojo v1.0.0 (Mod Apk) “Possibility is the truth (one).”

Girls living in some local cities performed a certain ceremony.
Although that ceremony was only a matter of urban legend, many conditions accidentally overlapped,
It was a situation not to be done by play – …
A mysterious girl nagi suddenly appeared in front of the rackets tomorrow.
With her guidance, girls will travel in different worlds and resolve the incident.

A world different from animation, a story that can not be shared (story).
And, a strange girl nagi that I can not meet in animation.

It will eventually become one truth.
We search, – some future, seeking the possibility –

◆ ◆ Scenario draft ◆ ◆
Hitoshi Shotaro

◆◆ Character Draft ◆ ◆
Katsura Katsura

◆◆ Character Draft / Concept Artist ◆ ◆
Hiroyuki Asada

◆◆ Main Theme Song ◆◆
Kenji Ito

◆ ◆ Music Producer ◆◆
Ryu ☆

◆ ◆ luxury voice actor team ◆◆
Mari Inoue / Ayaka Ohashi / Akemi Okamura / Eimi Kato / Atsuko Chino / Maki Kawase /
Ken Saishi / Kazuo Kiyokawa / Risa Kubota / Tomoyo Kurosawa / Yuki Kuwahara / Ami Koshimizu /
Sayaka Sakamoto / Haruka Shiraishi / Yusuke Shirai / Saya Suzuyo / Masaki Tarasama / Nobuyuki Nishida /
Higashiyama Nao / Fukumatsu Shinsha / Mori Nanako / Yuki Aki / Yuki Uchiuchi / Lynn
(Order of the Japanese syllabary)

【Easy operation and real simulation! What? 】
Full-scale simulation RPG unfolded in 3D field!
It is a flexible battle system that you can enjoy from beginners to advanced users.
You can enjoy operations that match your play style.

People who want to manipulate characters freely, manually!
People who want to fight flexibly, semi-automatically with the leave feature!
People who say battle seems to be somewhat difficult … … fully automatic with full auto function!

Let’s enjoy simulation RPG with your favorite style of play!

【All characters are the highest grade! Let’s raise your favorite character! 】
In this work, all characters can be raised up to the maximum grade.
Regardless of whatever enemy appears, it is okay if there are favorite characters raised! What?
In case
Grade up
Level up
rank up
Improved equipment

Prepare a variety of growth factors, according to the strategy of the player character’s personality / growth
It is a highly flexible system that can be customized.

【And what is the truth of the possibility to arrive …? 】
Chikuwa I love you Genki Girl “Asuka”
Honor student “Yu” as a Tsukkomi role
Mood maker’s gal “Nana”
Ho-hoha quarterly junior “Mia”
Cool and individualized returnee’s child “Chloe”

Not only the members of “Lajige” who is active in animation, as well as mysterious girls and nagi encounters tomorrow
Many charming game original characters will also appear!
How will we meet with them and how the world changes?
Please check the possibility different from animation by all means with its eyes!

◆ ◆ Price ◆◆
Basic free
※ There are some charged items

◆◆ Recommended terminal ◆ ◆
Android 4.4.2 or later

* Please understand that we can not provide support, compensation, etc. at recommended terminals.
※ Please be sure to check the terms of use displayed in “Application License Agreement” before using.
If you downloaded this application, you agree to the terms of use.あかねさす少女

– Weak Enemies


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