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APK Knee Kick Girl – Ghost Hunter v1.5.3 Моd (Free Shopping)


APK Knee Kick Girl – Ghost Hunter v1.5.3 Моd (Free Shopping) Knee Kick Girl is an action RPG about a girl who must conquer the Devil’s purgatory using only her
main weapon – her ultra-powerful knee-kick. Knee Kick Girl features nearly 180 different characters
who inhabit a variety of beautiful dungeons. Background music is all original, composed by
innovative indie rock band ‘soundsfromyourhead’. If you choose to play the paid version of Ghost
Killer you will receive several valuable diamonds for use in the game, right after you install and
start playing. Knee Kick Girl is the second offering from developer Chad Miller – give hope to the


Why did the girl make a deal with Lucifer? And why must she now conquer purgatory using only
her powerful knee-kick? The secret now will be known.


◈ An action RPG featuring an intriguing background story.
◈ Many items for use in the game, including consumption items for use in battle; equipment items
to protect your character; and treasure items.
◈ Nearly 180 fascinating characters.
◈ Several characters allied with the girl who help her in her quest, including a priest, knight, and a
◈ Fantastic dungeons that you wish you could jump into.
◈ Massive bosses that appear every three levels.
◈ Original background music from indie rock band soundsfromyourhead.


◈ Touch screen features allow you to inflict additional damage on villains when the girl is in the
midst of attacking them.
◈ When you use gold to upgrade your character, her outfits change.
◈ The girl’s three allies – priest, knight, magician – also can be continuously upgraded.
◈ Valuable blue stars can be earned when you sell treasure items.
◈ Even more items to be earned when you kill a boss.


APK Knee Kick Girl – Ghost Hunter v1.5.3 Моd (Free Shopping)

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