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Auto Chess VN v0.7.1 (Mod Apk)


Auto Chess VN

Auto Chess VN v0.7.1 (Mod Apk) ★ GENERAL DESCRIPTION ★
Auto Chess VN – Human Flag is the most interesting mobile game in 2019 in the world, this is the original version researched by Dragonest & Drodo Studio developed on mobile platform and officially released in Vietnam. Male only by VNG.

The game is designed based on the familiar 8×8 chess board, players arrange pieces with different skills to create the best strategy. The chess pieces will follow the player’s thoughts, proceed automatically according to the rich and unique tactics arranged by the players before.
By collecting general cards and combining with 7 other people to create a fighting game, being the last survivor you will be the winner.
Each chess piece will have different attack characteristics and methods, and when there are 3 pieces of the same type, you can upgrade to higher level chess pieces with stronger combat power and skills.
Changing the arrangement of chess pieces, observing and possibly overcoming opponents are the factors that make the game interesting.

1. Chess board & chess pieces – Simulated as true chess tables, this is the place to use chess pieces to fight with other players. The game will constantly upgrade and add chess pieces to create a relentless fun, if there are special chess tables, you will feel attractive new combat images. Collect chess boards and effects to make chess pieces more attractive.
2. Features of chess pieces – Tribes / Uses are the basic elements of chess pieces, combined with Race / System will create special Buff skills, combining as many buffs as possible will be higher.
3. Absolute balance – Every game that takes place begins to look the same, depending on the strategy and dignity of the player, it is not possible to use props that affect character stats or weight loss factors by game.
4. Each round will choose different opponents, you will constantly meet players with different teams, winning every other team is the shortest way to victory.
5. Resources / money – The number and quality of chess pieces is the factor that makes the difference, you must constantly choose to roll / shoot the best troops with the number of troops to be deployed. Pay attention to how to calculate and use the amount of money through buying / selling chess / accumulating wins and accumulating interest in each game.
6. Chess board level – The occurrence rate of the general cards / the number of battle flags related to your level in each battle, level 10 will have the best spin rate and bring the maximum number of troops, please save to level up !!!
7. Rich Emoticon – To express feelings and communication between players, you can use the cool emoticons in the game.
8. The chess pieces will automatically fight in each round, arrange the proper position to create different effects.
9. Compete with your friends in Europe – You can pair up with friends all over the world. Please express the bravery, the alliance play game of Vietnamese people.
10. Pair the page that is acquired through random drop or from other players. Understanding the characteristics of equipment / methods of joining and using suitable pieces is the key to creating mutations in the game.
10. The Human Flag – In Auto Chess VN the luck / blackness will sometimes have a great impact on the outcome of the match, but anyhow, you can always use intellect and tactics to change destiny. mine. Actively thinking of changing the standing / general position using / buff will always have a positive impact on the game result. Or you can play a lucky player, waiting for the chess pieces you want to pick up.

Are you ready to become an intellectual or lucky player ???

* When playing, internet connection is required.
* Recommended configuration: 2GB RAM or more.
Support more than 500 Android devices including: Galaxy Note 8, Sony Xperia XZ1, Google Pixel2, Galaxy Note5, Huawei Honor8, LG G5, Redmi 4A, HUAWEI …

Home: https://autochess.zing.vn
Email: autochess@vng.com.vnAuto Chess VN
Auto Chess VN
Auto Chess VN
Auto Chess VN
Auto Chess VN
Auto Chess VN

Buy card = 0
Sell card = 10
Game need OBB
Tested and only in Novice mode


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