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Axe Clicker v1.0.142 (Mod Apk Money)


Axe Clicker

Axe Clicker v1.0.142 (Mod Apk Money) Oswald the Dwarf is an idle clicker game, in which you help Oswald to chop down plants with taps, and earn money to upgrade his forging skills and forge new axes. If you earn enough money, you will become a dwarf billionaire and forge the golden axe that does over a billion damage.

Once upon a time, there was a dwarf named Oswald, and he wasn’t angry at all. His friend forged him an axe, so powerful, so beautiful, that he was the proudest dwarf alive. And then something terrible happened. His axe was stolen! Oswald became the angriest dwarf on the planet and swore to chop down everything that was taller than him – which is basically everything. He will stop at nothing, he will destroy trees, towers, landmarks,… Everything! From that time on, he became known as Oswald – the angriest dwarf in the world.

He will work all day and all night – even when you’re not around. When you’re idle, he will work! That is the beauty of idle incremental games. Just remember to upgrade his skills, help him forge new axes and if you like him a lot, grant him some taps, because with every click you make, he will be more excited and chop faster.

A fast clicker will be rewarded with great achievements. Something you and Oswald can be proud about.

Remember, every click, upgrade and forge counts. Only the best of the best will become billionaires, the Richie Rich among Dwarves. If you’re stuck, just let Oswald chop on his own in idle mode and resume playing a few hours later. You can always choose to soft reset the game, keeping some benefits and make the game run smoother again.

Every time you chop something down, there is a chance to obtain a magic potion. If you dare to drink it, Oswald will go into super speed mode. Use the magic potions wisely.

You can choose among different trees and objects to chop down. Some of them are harder to destroy, but yield a greater reward. If your axe can’t match the trees defense, you will have to forge a stronger one. Before you go idle, make sure you chose a tree that Oswald is able to damage.

How to get a new axe?
★ Upgrade your forging skills
★ Tap the forge button
★ With a little luck, you will forge a brand new axe
★ continue tapping trees to get more money

The masters of the axe clicker will be rewarded with achievements. To get them you will have to be the fastest clicker in the world. Every achievement also gives you a damage bonus for your axe. The gold clicker award goes to the fastest clicker alive.

Let the clicker adventure begin

… chop … tap … chop …
Axe Clicker
Axe Clicker
Axe Clicker
Axe Clicker
Axe Clicker
Axe Clicker


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