Sunday , March 29 2020

BASH LAND – Simple PvP Game! v 1.0.6 (Mod Money)


BASH LAND is a exciting multiplayer fighting game with a straightforward controls!
Real-time battle with players around the world, or with friends on Google+!

■Battle System

Choose your character, start the battle!
Only two pads to control with! Every move, like special attacks or guard, is simple!
Just slide the pads in either of the 4 directions or push it!
Simple controls = Anyone can enjoy!
Win by either bashing the opponent until they lose their health, or by maintaining more health at time limit.
■Battle Modes

2 Battle modes in BASH LAND.

VS WORLD mode:
You will be matched up with random players around the world.

You can have a match with your friends on Google+.

12 Characters to choose from.
Earn coins in a battle, and spend them to unlock characters or beef them up!


 BASH LAND – Simple PvP Game!  v 1.0.6 (Mod Money)

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