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Basketball Shoot v1.15 Mod (Unlocked)


Basketball Shoot v1.15 Mod (Unlocked) Love it Managed to get to round 70, be nice to see a few more backdrops, also the mission page glitches a little when you only have 2 balls left to collect, high score is 743,078. Maybe I play it a little too much… A little more dev attention on this app and it could be improved

Basketball Shoot v1.15 Mod (Unlocked) Best game ever So fun and very addictive! This game isnt what i thought. I thought it would be boring game, yet i found myself playing it in class and at the dinner table. I give this game 5 stars!!!!! 🙂 🙂 

Basketball Shoot v1.15 Mod (Unlocked)  Real nice Possibly my most played game on android (all those hrs in the toilet) despite its simplicity. Excellent arcade-style game that works well on phones & tablets but doesn’t really meet the expectations of a basketball player (a bit oversimplified ), still definitely worth it. Has a very relaxing atmosphere (perfect for the toilet/bus station.) Only improvements I can think of are additional game modes (e.g. time attack)

Basketball Shoot is an simple but very addictive game which base on realistic physics.
The quantity of the basketballs is limited,your goal is to shoot them for a better score.

How to play:
1. Touch the screen
2. Drag the dotted line to change the power and angle
3. Release to shoot

-Easy to control, fun for every age players.
-Great shooting experience.
-Simple but special picture style.
-11 backgrounds to choose from, like airport, beach, rooftop and so on.
-More interesting functions are coming soon.


Basketball Shoot v1.15 Mod (Unlocked)

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