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Battle Girl High School TW v1.0.98 Mod Apk

Battle Girl High School TW

Battle Girl High School TW v1.0.98 Mod Apk

Enter the game started, you is their “teacher” of.
A finger can easily operate! !
“Gifted” × “fight” × “beautiful girl”!
Gakuen RPG action “fighting woman Gakuen”!

Not only free to download, and even login and operation is quite easy yo!
Now, immediately to experience Japan’s most popular in the history of the most Meng “high X high skill challenging girl game – fighting woman Gakuen” now!

▼ △ ▼ △ experience “Momo Tou ‘fun! △ ▼ △ ▼
] Through [Live2D make lovely girl like animation, like moving Oh! Through smart phones “touch” the girls head to win their trust it!

▼ △ ▼ △ cute and attractive clothing center stage, to create your own fighting girl now! △ ▼ △ ▼
Girls clothes for replacement, the image and appearance of 3D characters will change. At the same time, but also get a new ability (nirvana)! Of course, you can replace only the clothing to keep your favorite abilities.

▼ △ ▼ △ rhythmic nature of fighting, waging a intense fight! △ ▼ △ ▼
Just one finger operation, you can easily move and attack! Click on the picture to connect with the rhythm of COMBO, you can display the BOSS fight fly nirvana! ! ! Your sense of rhythm will guide them win!

▼ △ ▼ △ natural not artificial channel is adorable! Let your heart beat faster, colorful ‘academy life “△ ▼ △ ▼
Sometimes studies program, sometimes fullest exercise sweat! As a teacher you will use these hands properly cultivated them now!

▼ △ ▼ △ animation scene seemed like a “story story” never let your blood boil! △ ▼ △ ▼
With the progress of the battle, the invaders ‘Eros’ secrets will be opened step by step! But also a glimpse of the girls academy heart and life, will continue to increase in the new section!

▼ △ ▼ △ most blush seiyuu lineup, Charisma broken table the characters! △ ▼ △ ▼
All contain a supporting role, including the debut role, has with exclusive seiyuu. So that you can feel each character’s personality charm, can not help but want to play the game to open the sound yo!

◎ ◎ luxury seiyuu
Aya Suzaki Ayane Sakura Amemiya days
Higashiyama Nao sumire uesaka Saori Hayami
Yumi Uchiyama Yoshino Nanjō Mutsumi Tamura
Misaki Kuno Hiromi Igarashi wooden clothes blowing Kobe
Kato Emiri Hitomi Harada Maaya Uchida
Fukuhara Ayaka day Gao Fan child

▼ △ ▼ △ recapture contaminated earth! Exclusively between you and the girls Story △ ▼ △ ▼
2045 AD —
When the Earth was suddenly emerge enigmatic biological “Eros” pollution, mankind will be forced to abandon their homes ……
But now, with the magical power of the girls who got up and struggling to resolve a battle for humanity!
Guide them to retake Earth from the invaders, who is a teacher of your mission!

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Mod :
Bypass Root & Emulator Detection
God Mode, Damage x5, Auto Play, Auto Reload Bullet & Always Fever


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