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Battle Pang v1.0 APK (Mod Money)

Battle Pang

Battle Pang v1.0 APK (Mod Money) Focused round of 1:1 configuration that is in light of the Greek mythology comes up!

Turned into an awesome saint of Greek mythology , please challenge the divine forces of Greece !

Play activity brimming with strain and appreciate a riddle ” Battle string!”

You are prepared to test saint ‘s , in Greek divine beings ?

You will turn into an awesome saint to challenge the divine beings that debilitate the human .

▶ I will defeat the emergency in a mixed bag of things !

To get away from the emergency imminent before the thing is obliged .

▶ Foster saint you could call your own !

Adversary or excessively solid ? If it’s not too much trouble challenge by raising the capacity of the legend !

▶ To Attack the foe for illuminating the riddle !

Prior to the foe assaults, make 3-match shading square !

★ Synopsis

One day , Apollo accumulated divine beings.

He talked with Greek divine beings accumulated and say with a genuine look.

Individuals sooner rather than later , will demolish themselves to annihilate the living things around .

Zeus has chosen to devastate a person however he conceded that his work was disappointment .

Then again , individuals are hunting down the worriers who will spare themselves from divin


Battle Pang v1.0 APK (Mod Money)

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