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Blades of Revenge: RPG Puzzle v1.0.2 APK [Mod]


Blades of Revenge: RPG Puzzle v1.0.2 APK [Mod]  Join the fight in this best epic fantasy battle of 2016, Blades of Revenge!

Experience unique tactical system of Puzzle RPG, a turn based strategy RPG with unique gameplay. Summon the brave knights and take control legendary heroes to retake the castle invaded by mystic force of evil, and break through with your company of powerful heroes from the huge amount of selection you can choose to create your perfect team from!

Playing solo and execute your brilliant tactics against 60+ stages, challenges legendary bosses in special events, or connect and play together with friends in Co-op game online! All totally free to play, in beautiful fully-3D graphics immersive gameplay!

Blades of Revenge is available in English, Español, Bahasa Indonesia, Tiếng Việt and ไทย

Key Features

INNOVATIVE SYSTEM [PUZZLE x RPG] where player need to use their clever positioning of unit to defeat the enemy, complete with RPG-like character development and progression.

STUNNING GRAPHICS with full 3D units and landscape, full-powered explosion of effects both from your heroes’ skills and enemy forces.

UPGRADE AND EVOLVE the heroes, making them even stronger and grows in both power and rank. The more you play, the more progression to the party’s strength.

HUGE SELECTION OF HEROES to choose from and create the best team for every situation possible with easy to use roster management system to adapt to the ever-changing challenge.

UNLEASH ELEMENTAL POWER of fire, earth, and water to blast away the enemy with special moves full of awesome visuals and devastating effects.

NONSTOP EVENTS that constantly updating to add new threats to the enemy forces. Player can challenge them and if they can defeat them, maybe the enemy’s boss would be impressed by your feats and join you!

CO-OP PLAY WITH FRIENDS using guild functions to let your group of friends joins together as a team and fight hand-in-hand against an exclusive special events for guild members only in REAL TIME!


 Blades of Revenge: RPG Puzzle v1.0.2 APK [Mod]

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