Friday , May 29 2020

Blood and Wine v1.0 (Full)


It is a beautifully looking adventure game in which you take over the role of Bora Keskin to solve the murder of your niece.
The murder looks like a cover up. There has not been official statements and the mother (your sister) was not allowed to see her daughter’s body.

The game has five chapters, and you need to resolve one or multiple situations in each to get to the next one. Information are presented in nice looking cutscenes and during the chapters. It is important to pay close attention to those information as they can help you in each chapter.

The game offers three main scenarios. In the first, you need to find clues by taking photos of a scene. This happens in chapter one for instance; You visit the apartment of your niece to find out what happened. For this, you need to take photos and find all the clues in the apartment.

Then there are sequences where you talk to someone, and need to pick the right multiple-choice responses. If you fail, you need to start over. You get the first dialogs at the police station where you try to find information about the murder.

You need to combine items in the last mode. This resembles adventures of the old where you often had to find and combine items to create a new item that you needed.

It features great looking images and cutscenes, and the story keeps you wondering and guessing what happened right until the end.



Blood and Wine v1.0 (Full)

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