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Boiling Robot Wars v1.2.4 APK [Mod]


Boiling Robot Wars v1.2.4 APK [Mod]  3D high definition pictures. Restore the robotic special attack and voice (such as strike freedom colorful cannon) add to the immersion and realism of the game.

•Characteristics system with varied playing method
Diverse game play, Multitasking system and Diversified Incentive scheme always make you surprise in the battle.

•Hundreds of popular robots come on stage
Hundreds of famous robots, which enhance self-strength according to robotic collection as well as pilots and robotics training, finally enter a mortal battle fight for the victory og the Federal.
Associated with three features of robotic attributes (attack, defense, auxiliary), the game could create lots of unique style playing method with diverse skill and spirit collocations.

•Inserted lots of original content and classical story
Inserted lots of original content with Classic lines in Robot Wars (such as “Even my father didn’t beat me”), the story includes plenty of robotic animation and auxiliary special effect. In the game with the story background of Cosmic War, game players could operate his favorite robotic to fight, join in the war against destroyer— Pilot, Fight for victory!

Hacks: SubSeven
1. God Mod
2. 1 Hit/Kill


Boiling Robot Wars v1.2.4 APK [Mod]

 Boiling Robot Wars v1.2.1 [Mod]

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