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Break The Stone: Fun Smashing v1.42.121 Mod Money


Break The Stone: Fun Smashing v1.42.121 Mod Money  is a challenge attempted only by the strongest and the most skilled fighters in the famous training dojo of master Kesuke. If you want to show off your expertise and impress the dojo sensei with your skills – you have to learn how to kick, punch, and headbutt any stone out of your way.

Train as the contender in the dojo and earn gold and perks, receive new props like power up gloves, speed, combos and more so you can hit the barriers harder to bring down the wall. Learn new combos from sensei Kesuke and master the art of wall smashing!

Break The Stone: Fun Smashing is a casual, fun addictive leisure game. Smash the wooden brick, steel wall, stone barrier or anything in front of you with annihilating punches, wrecking taekwondo kicks or shattering powerful headbutt until the wall breaksdown. Train yourself by breaching wooden walls and with each breach, get closer to become the most skilled martial arts master!

Break The Stone: Fun Smashing is an addictive, amusing and fun game that can even improve your eye to hand coordination and make your spare time more enjoyable.

Download now and start kicking, high or low, and hit with new combinations every time!


★ Awesome fighting abilities like Strong Kicks, Punches, and Headbutts!
★ Powerups that will make your character even stronger!
★ Customize your fighter with special training suits, gloves, power fist guards and cool head gear like unique helmets and fighting masks
★ Props That come in handy when you need to break those stones!
★ Acquire Prizes as you improve your skills!
★ Use combo moves and improve gain more achievements.
★ Earn gold rapidly through breaking blocks and through visiting everyday and claiming your prize!


Boosting your fighter’s abilities helps you complete levels and unlock extra strength!

Powerup your fighter with:

★ Bullet time extras to smash more walls
★ Stone jump combos to create massive damage till the walls breakdown
★ Punch torpedoes to blast that wall away
★ Get stronger punches with finger gloves, hand wraps, wolf paws, boxing gloves gorilla and rock hands
★ Get powerful headbutts with ninja makes, knight and spartan helmets
★ Look your best at the dojo with vests, leather armors, ninja suits, muscular body gear and armored plates

What are you waiting for?!
Download now and start smashing, crashing, and breaking down the walls, to become the ultimate martial arts fighter!


Break The Stone: Fun Smashing v1.42.121 Mod Money

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