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Build a Kingdom v1.3.4 APK

Build a Kingdom v1.3.4 APK


From the creators of blockbuster hit The Tribez, Build a Kingdom propels you into a magical world in which you must fulfill your destiny and create the land of your dreams. Build homes, farms, workshops, bakeries and more to transform your humble village into a mighty kingdom. Say hello to an incredibly colorful cast of characters including the enchanting princess, the hungry singing bard and the hopelessly romantic/self-loving knight as they join you on an incredible journey that’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

✔ See the fairytale world brought to life with incredible graphics and animations
✔ Meet a cast of unforgettable characters, each with their distinct personalities
✔ Lose yourself in a story filled with magic and humor
✔ Fulfil the prophecy about the princess and learn the secrets of the fairytale creatures inhabiting this mysterious land
✔ Build your kingdom with 25+ richly detailed, animated buildings and factories including apiary, blacksmith, bakery and magic castle
✔ Defend your territory from unwelcome yet comical visitors including wolves, spiders and ghosts
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Build a Kingdom v1.3.4 APK


Build a Kingdom v1.3.4 APK

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