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Buildroute (premium) v1.0.3 mod apk


Buildroute (premium) v1.0.3 mod apk The adventures go on! This time our traveller sets out on a new quest where he’ll come to shortgrass prairie to play meerkats’ secret game. He’ll need your memory, mind and logic to collect all the stars.
It’s a puzzle you’ll have to rack your brains over to complete all the tricky riddles – that’s for sure. Buildroute, a captivating mind breaker, will help you pass the time while exercising your mind.

The rules are simple: turn the blocks to form an unbroken row of orange squares from top to bottom of the playing area. If you’re having trouble doing it, you can always cancel a move, replay a level or just use a hint. Watch the number of your moves and get golden stars.

There are weekly competitions in the Game where players from around the world compete for the ‘Smartest Champion’ title.


Buildroute (premium) v1.0.3 mod apk

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