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Burger Street – Cooking game V1.0 apk


Burger Street – Cooking game V1.0 apk You are offered our new game “Burger street”. Imagine that you are the chef at a restaurant of fast-food. You accept orders from your customers and create a tasty food. Cook your best burgers please choose among ingredients such as bread, fried beef, green lettuce, red tomato ketchup, cheese, fish, French fries etc. Delicious muffins, cookie jam and sodas may accompany the main dish.

Earning money depends on how fast you can be.

Your working week in the restaurant lasts till Saturday. You can cultivate your creativity in cooking.
Try to collect maximum of money within limited time.

We have three mini-games additionally where you can improve chef skills:
Speed Cake
Tap the delicious cake as fast as you can. Сompete with your friends. You`ll be able to compare your reaction time with that of your online friends.
Quick Tap
Tap the objects to collect the complete hamburger. Collect all the burgers on the screen to move to the next stage. The main task is to collect the maximum number of points per game.
Choose Drink
Tap the drink and choose the one type for all the items.

Come on! Let’s cook some Hamburgers!


 Burger Street – Cooking game V1.0 apk

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