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Buttsen Burner v2 + Mod APK


Buttsen Burner v2 + Mod APK Join Harry Buttsen in his attempt to escape from an insane tower! Buttsen Burner is an exciting, reaction-time testing, and hilariously ridiculous 2D platformer that will test your speed, as well as your platforming prowess.

This action-packed game takes place inside a giant tower that has tons of levels to conquer. It offers six different environments, each with their own platforms and obstacles. The levels are designed to test your reaction time and become increasingly difficult as you progress. The game distinguishes itself with it’s unique and attractive cartoonish style, as well as it’s energetic soundtrack and GUI.

The main character is Harry Buttsen: a cyborg that’s an ex-space pirate turned plumber. He travels the stars looking for work with his starship and collection of plungers.

Buttsen Burner has SIXTY different levels that each offer a fast, challenging, and thrilling challenge. These levels are divided into 6 crazy and awesome environments that all offer different challenges and visuals:

• Loading Bay (Tutorial Floor)

• Piping Maintenance

• Overrun Botany Lab

• Pyrotechnics Lab

• Chemical Containment

• Hologram Testing Lab

Do you have the speed to avoid having your butt buttsen burned?


 Buttsen Burner v2 + Mod APK

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