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Campaign Legend v2.1.6 Mod Apk

Campaign Legend

Campaign Legend v2.1.6 Mod Apk Mankind is threatened by a mysterious terrorist organization and no one other than you will participate in rescue CAMPAIGN world LEGENDARY! Experience it now CAMPAIGN LEGENDARY – blockbuster shooter Esports bold peak of mobile Garena 2016 on this!
In Campaign Legend, you will become a master of weapons with more than 32 different types of guns, alongside comrades and their allies in the coalition Falcon to defeat evil Cobra organization.
Campaign Legendary FPS gameplay Bunker (hiding and shooting) is extremely novel, brings experience easy control and comfortable even for the first time on mobile shooter!
By engaging storyline, advanced graphics, spectacular sound and dialogue are Vietnamese goods details 100%, Campaign legend will give you the feeling of sheer excitement with the dramatic action on the battlefield fiery field.
Campaign Legend possesses many attractive game modes make sure that you can not take your eyes off the screen:
– Campaign Mode with a mission to defeat the Cobra organization extremely thrilling with many levels from easy to difficult
– Challenge Mode Arena challenges the will and ability of players with more than 50 levels and a variety superb attractive prizes!
– Mode-esque peak PK Esports with a: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2
– Coordination novel mode allows connection with three other friends, side by side with a series of zombie killing mutated creatures.
Coming to Campaign Legend, you can make friends and chat with everyone having the same passions and interests. Do not ignore these opportunities TOP racing together, giving each other the gift of game or show off their trophies on Facebook then, that would be great opportunity for us to create a community filled Legendary Hand Gun meaning!
Besides, Legendary Campaign promises to give players the opportunity to compete series with Esports tournament from amateurish to professional levels, from the local level in Vietnam until the national league system International in Asia. Forged skills, upgrade firepower and training came as the keys will take you to become a legend of the Campaign Legend.

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
– Shooter free peak released by Garena
– Bunker FPS gameplay experience novelty, unique, easy and comfortable even with new players
– Own and upgrade more than 32 types of weapons and materials of mass auxiliary modern combat
– Campaign Mode with compelling storyline and dozens of dramatic scenarios
– Participation Challenge racing TOP Circus show his talent with friends
– Competition Esports bold peak with perfect PK mode
– Cooperate with friends to hunt terrible reward the regime Coordinator (Co-Op) suspense
– Towards the tournament climax on mobile Esports was first held in Vietnam and Asia

★★★ NEW VERSION UPDATE (03/14/2016) ★★★
– New map PK4v4 peak together for 8 players
– Create Room Mode allows friends to invite each other, play together selected map 2v2 and 4v4 in
– Renamed the character card, card legion renamed
– Items strategic support new UAV
– Features invites you to get rewards
– And a series of new features will be released continuously. Be updated information on

★★★ NEW VERSION UPDATE (06/21/2016) ★★★
– Map new PK1v1
– New characters Redmoon
– Adjust the VIP gifts
– Update editing system interface Shop
– Fix some bugs voiced
– Some of the new features coming soon: Mission …

★★★ ★★★ REVIEW
Campaign Legend is ranked in the top 10 games Mobile games are the most popular in China, Taiwan and Korea with tens of millions of players, and promises to re-establish a new record in Vietnam.

★★★ ★★★ SUPPORT

Campaign Legend – Esports shooting experience the peak of mobile Garena!

Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại
Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại
Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại
Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại
Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại
Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại

Features mods:
– 1 Hit Skill
– Immortal
(Sensitivity> 50 = enabled immortal + 1 hit kill)
(Sensitivity <50 = off + 1 hit kill immortal)


Campaign Legend v2.1.6 Mod Apk – DOOGLE DRİVE UPLOAD

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