Saturday , January 29 2022

Cannon Hero Must Die v2.2 Моd Apk (Unlocked)

CannonCannon Hero Must Die v2.2 Моd Apk (Unlocked) Unlocked) (Ninja is a great and addictive game that makes you think this game is great for immediate download: D) Join Rocket Boy as he saves the world from evil forces!
Tap and hold to target the evil trooper, then release to shoot.
Aim at the evil trooper’s head to score more and get rewards!
Shoot three headshots in a row to enter Fever Mode!
Enter the FEVER MODE and go for the ULTRA KILL!!!
Be careful though, ONE WRONG AIM; YOU DIE.
Don’t fret, you can unlock fearless heroes along the way!
Are you still up for this mission?
Cannon Hero is the newest addictive game by Orangenose Studio
— the team behind the #1 game Hardest Game Ever 2!



Cannon Hero Must Die v2.2 Моd Apk (Unlocked)

Cannon Hero Must Die v1.0 Моd Apk (Unlocked)

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