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Chapaev Checkers:Confrontation v1.2.8

Chapaev Chapaev Checkers:Confrontation v1.2.8 As the game begins, pieces of two different colors, eight of each, are placed on the checkerboard. Each side occupies one of the outermost rows. A player takes their turn by flicking one of their pieces to push one or more opponent’s pieces off the table while keeping their own. If they do not manage to dislodge the opponent’s piece(s) or they dislodge their own, the opponent’s turn begins. The first player to push all the opponent’s pieces off the board moves their pieces one row forward. The game lasts 7+ rounds. After the sixth round, pieces are placed on the adjacent rows. The one to lose the sixth round falls a row back. Some rounds may end in a draw, i.e. when after the last attack, all the pieces are off the board. In such case, the pieces retain their current position and are not moved forward. The player to push the opponent’s pieces off the last row wins.



 Chapaev Checkers:Confrontation v1.2.8

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