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Checkers Elite v2.0.4.2 Unlocked

Checkers Checkers Elite v2.0.4.2 Unlocked

What’s New

– fixed network game stablity
– added chat with smiles
– new anticheat system in network play
– changed energy reward calculation in network play: +1 for win, -1 for draw, -2 for lose
– added daily rewards
– you receive 1 energy each 20 minutes
– opponent search through “Play with opponents of same level” improved
– added help section for network play
– added new pieces designs
– fixed turns generation in Russian Checkers
*** Over 10 million downloads! Top 5 board game in 45 countries! ***Checkers board game (Draughts, dama, damas – various languages) is well-known ancient game, that still very popular over the world for its simple rules and addictive gameplay, which hide deep tactics and variability.

We tried to make our Checkers unique and added high resolution HD graphics. You can customize game by choosing between 2D or 3D view, various game boards or pieces designs. We regularly add new graphics for pieces. For example, you can play pieces with radiation or St. Patrick’s clover skin. Just choose what you like and enjoy truly Checkers HD experience.

After you’ve decided what design you like most, jump into Checkers Online – a special mode where you can compete with other players, gain new levels and ranks, climb up in leaderboards (daily, weekly and global) or play in special Tournaments with awards. This mode is completely free. It uses «energy» which can be obtained in many ways: as daily reward, when you defeat opponents or win in tournaments, or just wait 20 minutes. That’s where Checkers Premium option can help you, which doubles almost everything, including energy rewards and time for turn. And also giving you some nice bonuses like additional pieces designs, boards and game modes.

In offline mode you can play many checkers game types. Like Russian Checkers, English Draughts, International or Brazil. And we have some special guest for you. It’s called Random Checkers and it’s completely insane and addictive. Let the random generator decides how many pieces will be on board, where they stand and what rules apply. It’s really fun, check it out.

Game features:
– Network play with leaderboards, levels and ranks
– Network tournaments with awards
– Chat in online mode
– 13 game types: English draughts, International (checkers 10×10), Russian, American pool and Giveaway Checkers, Diagonal, Thai, Turkish, Sparse, Self-Eaters, Brazilian, Blind and Random checkers (10×10 random placed chips with changing movement rules). More game types in the future.
– Simple rules, suitable for all ages
– 4 difficulty levels
– Excellent graphics
– 2D and 3D perspective modes
– Unlimited undo function
– 2 players “Hot-seat” mode
– Over 40 special designs for pieces & 4 board designs


 Checkers Elite v2.0.4.2 Unlocked

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