Wednesday , July 15 2020

Cheeky Runaway From Jail apk v 1.3 Mod Download


Did you get into one of the darkest prison where rampant cruel orders. But you’re definitely not going to spend the rest of my life here … Because you do not agree with the accusation, but you no one will listen. The sentence has a sentence … That’s why your way – it’s an escape from jail! Outwit everyone in the county, with a little strength, and mind, and find out! Circumvent the jailer is not so difficult, so much do not relax, because the task in front of you to come up with a plan to save his skin, to set their rules and fight with the guards and the police. You need to overcome all obstacles and difficulties that will arise in your way, to unravel the secret dungeon will not be so easy, but you have to deal with. Against you will go SWAT, FBI and heavy weapons, escape and survive your job! Does not fulfill anyone’s orders, do not stop the call “stop and lay down your arms,” just run and clean everything and everyone in its path. Let nothing you will not stop! Disobedience and desire for freedom are your best friends at the time of the shoot. Only you will be able to restore its justice, because you can never accept the fact that you were locked up accused of a number of crimes. Jailbreak your only access to the Cheeky Runaway From Jail!
Cold, wet dungeon is not for you? Then what are you waiting for?
– Do not pay attention to the search, because you still can not catch;
– Run for cover overcoming all obstacles in its difficult path;
– Violation of the violation and you’re about to find yourself on the loose!
Write down your game through the service Everyplay and share with friends his cunning and courage!

Cheeky Runaway From Jail apk v 1.3 Mod Download

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