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CLANS:Destiny Love v0.0.5 (Mod Apk)


CLANS:Destiny Love

CLANS:Destiny Love v0.0.5 (Mod Apk) [Features]

<7-Day Date – Simulate True-love Situations>

It was always you! Create a dating match for seven days, set the requirements for your partner and then enjoy a week of tasks with your sweetheart – go on dates, chat, release sky lanterns or even raise a pet. Experience a wide range of romantic environments and feel just what it’s like to be in love.

To find your place in the world, you need to have a positive attitude! The all-new wings system means players now have even more choices to personalize their character. As well as upgrading your stats, you can also evolve and transform the look of your wings. Mix and match to find the pair that goes best with your favorite outfit.

Ride mythical beasts and explore the world! Encounter a wide range of ancient spirits scattered across the land. Your mount isn’t just for getting you from place-to-place, its power may well be the difference between victory and defeat in battle.

No longer tied to a single class, you can switch freely between sword, fists, bow and parasol! Body movements, mid-air combat, incredible special effects and strikes you can almost feel – every single detail is super-real. Plus, you can choose from dozens of skills to create your own fighting style and experience what it’s like to be a full-time fighting master.

Realistic-looking lighting effects, unique characters and amazing old-world scenes. Plus, movie-quality narration means you’ll feel like you’re actually in the Far East.

Who says that martial arts masters can’t be rich? Sell your spare gear via the in-game trading system to earn your first pot of gold! Social gameplays, match with friends, team buffs, gang assistance, free-trade stalls and more… Travel around the world, but have fun doing it.


Set in a world filled with martial artists, the game follows the troubled love story of Duan Huiyin and Yan Shisi, as conflicts arise between various sects. In the fight between good and evil, these two childhood sweethearts end up being turned against one another. Eventually, the Evil Sect takes advantage of the pair to get hold of and then activate the powerful Divine Stone, causing the world to descend into darkness.

Close to death, Duan Huiyin wants to let Yan Shisi wake up to reality, and so decides to steal some of the Divine Stone’s power to summon the Envoy of Heaven. Turning the clock back one year, there is still hope that destiny can be changed…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClansSEA
CLANS:Destiny Love
CLANS:Destiny Love
CLANS:Destiny Love
CLANS:Destiny Love
CLANS:Destiny Love
CLANS:Destiny Love

Features MOD APK:

  • Nearly 1HIT KILL – Read below
  • Player God Mode – Read below
  • Rider God Mode – Read below

1HIT KILL – Works in RAID – Lingtay Dreamland & maybe some other instances – NO MULTI
GOD MODE – It should work in nearly all places apart MULTI instances

*The game has some issues, sometimes you will encounter WHITE/BLACK SCREEN, report to devs*


  1. One Hit
  2. GOd Mode
  3. Work only in PvE


CLANS:Destiny Love v0.0.5 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

CLANS:Destiny Love v0.0.5 (Mod Apk) – YANDEX LINK

CLANS:Destiny Love v0.0.5 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

CLANS:Destiny Love v0.0.5 (Mod Apk) – SENDSPACE


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