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Cognizer v1.1 APK Mod


Cognizer v1.1 APK Mod

A new puzzle game of wits and recognition.

• Unique brain-challenge with symbols and colors
• Buy one time only for unlimited play; no In-App-Purchases
• Modes offered with and without time limits for all skill levels
• The ambient sounds of Ohrwert heighten gameplay with high-quality Dub Techno
• Sound effect banks tailored for each background music track
• Colorblindness options

• Standard – Touch all symbols that match positive rules, but avoid symbols that match negative rules, before time runs out
• Speed – Simpler rules with very short time limits
• Zen – More complex rules, no timelimit, with a multiplier for fast moves: play at your own pace


 Cognizer v1.1 APK

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