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Coin Pusher: Farm Treat v1.2.2 Mega Mod Apk

Coin Pusher: Farm Treat

Coin Pusher: Farm Treat v1.2.2 Mega Mod Apk Life at farm sure get monotonous at times but have you heard about this new fair coming to your neighborhood. Welcome to the most delightful Farmhouse of your dreams. Acres of land to plow & seed, livestock to feed and piles of crops to harvest.

This epic festival invites all farm lovers to come and join this amazing event of endless joy/amusement & never ending carnival delights. Refreshing & easy to play casino games to keep you occupied, round the clock right at your farmstead. Relive your childhood memories setup in a ranch.

Switch to fun side of your ranch barn where an exotic coin dozer/pusher table awaits to keep you engaged & entertained for hours. You need to skillfully drop coins and bank the most adorable prizes, rewards and cute collectibles. Easy to play but hard to master. Immerse yourself in real time physics & addictive mechanics.

You’ll have a fast pace engaging ranch farm life in village where you will need power-ups and upgrades to boost your progress & master your skills. Unlock special and immersive quests to go bigger and stronger. As you proceed in the quest mode, you will get numerous stunning prizes, cute fancy gifts, wonderful power-ups and amazing upgrades.

In old village times, as a farmer, your daily responsibilities were planting, plowing, harvesting, taking care of the ranch/pen. Now things have changed, you spend less time putting efforts as a farmer and more time playing exciting games.Your favorite childhood games are back in form of mini-games. You can virtually spend countless hours at this Farm fair. It’s such a great time killer.

Killing time at your farmhouse, while pushing off gold chips, is not the only treat you will have. There is a casino style 777 Slot Machine where you could either hit the jackpot slot or win other amazing special rewards and then there is this Spin Fortune Wheel where you can get numerous prizes. Put down your shovel and other farming tools, and jump right into the action. Life could’t get any better in your own backyard. You can enjoy spending time on the Spin Wheel or the Vegas slot styled 777 slot machine. This never ending fun is an absolute time killing machine. You can either hit on the jackpot slot or spin to win on the wheel of fortune. This dozer, slot machine and spin wheel belongs to you in this fun-filled interactive and exotic carnival.

Some gold chips will fall of the sides of the table, these are called guttered coins. These will make up your Karma Bar but won’t add into your coin count. Focus on banking the coins, to get the most out of your amazing village farm life.

We have your favorite village festivals and monthly events so you won’t have to leave your land in search of party time and celebration. Get bonuses, prizes, super rewards throughout the year. We have got your back, we will be sending reinforcements, as monthly events, with lots of prizes, rewards &other free gift items. Don’t forget to login on major calendar events and weekend sales.

Farming culture is pretty exciting and fun filled. Farming festivals make it a pretty immersive & an interactive job. We will be bringing in monthly events in the game as a means to give you bonus, prizes and lots of rewards. Making it a treat for you. So Farmer!! What do you think are you waiting for? Drop down your farming tools for a moment and engage in the realistic festivity that is just about to begin.

★Collect adorable livestock like cow, hen and duck in your pen
★Helpful tools to collect like Shovel, watering can, tractor, harvester
★Realistic cute graphics with numerous adorable collectibles to decorate your lawn/pen
★Absolute time killing mechanics and mini-games set in a greenfield
★Non Stop holiday,weekend and event fun, round the clock, 365 days
★Easy to play and hard to master fun-filled ranch

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Coin Pusher: Farm Treat
Coin Pusher: Farm Treat
Coin Pusher: Farm Treat
Coin Pusher: Farm Treat
Coin Pusher: Farm Treat
Coin Pusher: Farm Treat

Mod Features:
– Infinite Coins : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Gold : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Spin : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Postion : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Dollars : 2.123.456.789
– Fast Level UP


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