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Cyborg Assassin v1.1.0 Mod APK (Ad-Free)

Cyborg Assassin

 Cyborg Assassin v1.1.0 Mod APK (Ad-Free)  Are your ready to be the hero of the day is this action packed blockbuster game?

Cyborgs have taken over and you need to lead the human revolution and save planet earth. Grab your gun and be the savior of the day. Be part of this massive sci-fi experience now!

Features include:
★ big campaign mode (multiple levels / missions all FREE)
★ endless mode for high-scores (Google Play Services)
★ various weapons and power-ups
★ different cyborgs and other robot-like enemies
★ funny (yet realistic) action-hero voice acting (professional voice actor)
★ twin-stick action at its best
★ detailed 3D graphics and special effects
★ over 5 AI algorithms (from dumb to smart attack patterns)
★ 100% ACTION absolutely FREE!

This is a so called twin stick action game in which you control your character through two (touch) controllers; one on the left and one on the right side of your touch screen. The left stick controls your movement and the right stick control where you aim and shoot your weapon. This allows for a very smooth experience in which you move one way and shoot the other. Once you master the basics you will be soon shooting cyborg soldiers like there is no tomorrow. You control the action hero in a mass solo campaign in which it’s vital that you keep an eye on the incoming cyborgs while you seek power-ups and stronger weapons to lead the revolt. Power-ups and weapons can be found throughout the missions so learn to move fast and act even faster. Final note for the advanced player: to your right/center you will find the dive and roll button so you can make cool evasive maneuvers when cornered. Practice makes perfect! Good luck.

The cyborgs are coming…
Robots and their artificial intelligence (A.I.) have become so strong over the past years that they have come to dominate humans. Some unknown cause led them to transform from kind and supportive in nature to a dominating and aggressive species. A virus, a system hack, or even alien intervention… who knows? They now want it all and wish to rule an intergalactic nation of cyborg alliances that rid the universe from the last remaining humans. This is where you come into the story… You are one of the very last action heroes who can save the innocent people against this robotic scum! With your high tech genisys device you will detect and exterminate these outright evil robots from our beloved planet earth.

Your mandate is simple… your mission is just… you are the chosen cyborg assassin who may use all force necessary and beyond to eliminate our globe of the robotic invasion. Use your weapons wisely as these cyborgs have the ultimate desire to kill humans and they will keep trying until they have completely annihilated every last person alive. Will you survive and be the salvation of the new world, or will the fail and die a horrible slow death by the mechanical robotic hands of destruction?

Your planet is my planet… Do you have what it takes to save humanity and become the true droid terminator? Download this free hard action game now and find out!

Cyborg Assassin
Cyborg Assassin
Cyborg Assassin
Cyborg Assassin
Cyborg Assassin
Cyborg Assassin


 Cyborg Assassin v1.1.0 Mod APK (Ad-Free) – FİLESCDN

 Cyborg Assassin v1.1.0 Mod APK (Ad-Free) – USERSCLOUD

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