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D.Day: Fury v1.3.1 APK Mod

D.Day: Fury v1.3.1 APK Mod


D.Day: Fury pay tribute respect to World War II veterans!

D.Day: Fury is a SLG&Card game which is based on true history of WWII and use real weapon as subject. The imagination and reality combined world will lead the player to shuttle between the historical and fantasy. In the game, players can collect weapons and generals in WWII to set up their own legion and challenge enemy from different space. Players can participate in the famous battle of World War II with the other players for competition.

◆◆◆Over 600 different weapons & general cards, reconstruction of the greatest battle in WWII◆◆◆
Famous units and generals from Germany、Russian、England、France、Italy and America are included in the game. Plays can choose over 600 different weapons and general cards as they want.

◆◆◆Varying difficulties of the instances , never-ending challenge◆◆◆
The game reconstructed the greatest battle in WWII. Super difficult instance challenge the players to the limit. Super weapon instances, auto update intelligent BOSS Nobody can change history, but in the game, you can!

◆◆◆Tanks, artillery and aircraft activate the combination of skills, showing a more powerful fighting capacity◆◆◆
Tanks, artillery and aircraft mutual restrain. Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war. It’s time to show your amazing wisdom.

◆◆◆Striving to be a mania for collecting, launch loot fight◆◆◆
Illustrations and puzzle collecting two kinds of game play, to meet all the needs of a mania for collecting! Collect of illustrations, bit by bit, set up private armory. Collecting maniac also launched war to snatch the pieces, to speed up the collection rate.

◆◆◆Strengthen the cards to get more powerful fight capacity◆◆◆
The strengthening function can help the card upgrade quickly, thereby increasing the combat effectiveness, to challenge more difficult hurdle. It’s not just the card contest more like the battle tactics.

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D.Day: Fury v1.3.1 APK Mod


D.Day: Fury v1.3.1 APK Mod

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