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DayR v1.409 Mod Premium apk


DayR v1.409 Mod Premium apk As a result of the war the whole Russia has become a lifeless wasteland. Now there are only survivors with increased resistance to radiation and a great luck. In best traditions of DayZ you will:

– Be surviving in harsh conditions – radiation, animals and hunger will not give you peace of mind
– Constantly be searching for, crafting and repairing things, equipment, weapons, and food
– Slowly be going crazy because of loneliness
– Assemble the car, build your own house, launch a nuclear missile, practice scuba diving in the flooded icebreaker, develop films and deal with other quests!

– WARNING! This is a challenging game where you have to think and to monitor thousands of indicators. If you’re used to easy games, then do not spoil your nerves and the rating – just don’t download it.
– Also game graphics are very poor. Everything that you can see in the screenshots – it is the whole gameplay. You’ll have to read a lot. Read, read, read! If you do not like to read – don’t download the game.
– Pay attention to the first tutorial quest – there are answers to many questions, but also you need to read very carefully. If this is not enough, visit the VK(Russian Facebook) group, there is the tutorial video.

The game is being constantly updated.We add new quests, items, and sources of danger.

If you found some mistake in the description or game tranlsation, please, write to about it. Thanks.

Join the group VK(Russian Facebook) to communicate with other players and directly with our team of game developers:


DayR v1.409 Premium apk

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