Tuesday , February 18 2020

Delivery Man – Death Drive v1.1 Mod (Unlimited Gold)


Delivery Man – Death Drive  v1.1 Mod (Unlimited Gold) In delivery man – death drive the road trip rules are very simple, protect your cargo from the motorcycle raiders. The game is the perfect mix between a defense game, runner game and car racing game al put together in one ideal mix! Race against the hordes of enemies across the great wastelands in the never-ending game of survival almost forgot this makes the game a survival run racing game as well. So see if you got the right survival skills with Delivery Man – death drive!

Delivery Man – Death drive game Features
– Super extremely fast and addictive gameplay
– Start unlocking different cars as you progress through the game
– Drive through 50 exciting levels
– 30 achievements in this fast passing death race adventure game
– We selected 12 different guns to us on your delivery truck, see for yourself witch you like the best
– 4 cool different cars to put your umbrella up and shoot off your enemies
– 4 cases of cargo deliver the bigger cargo to get way more cash in your pocket!
– And of course extra upgrades, like different outfits for the delivery man
– Complete missions shoot down sky bikers, moto racers and more to earn rewards and cash and become the real king of the roads
– Epic and beautiful high def graphics
– Nice bangs and explosions to enjoy
– Upgrade your mighty weapon arsenal to deliver more damage to those biker marauders

Delivery man we´ve got to deliver this cargo of food top poor people and by food I mean weapons and by poor people, I mean rich people. So any way just shoot the bad guys by touching on the side of the screen, sound not so hard right? But that‘s enough talk, let’s go and make some money! Big fat robot, guys on motorcycles will try to stop you from reaching the rich people with their care packets. So drive fast buy other cars, guns and way more to earn more cash so you can become the ultimate delivery man in this death racing adventure action game. Blast you way through the hordes of dirty bikers, blast them straight out of their seats they will come through the air on and the road.

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Delivery Man – Death Drive  v1.1 Mod (Unlimited Gold)

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