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Diffission v1.0 APK MOD


Diffission v1.0 APK MOD Slice your way through endless procedurally generated puzzles in Diffission! Highlight, slash, and dismantle deceptively simple shapes and unlock special block types as you work your way to the coveted title of Diffissionist. Looking for an even greater challenge? Looking for an even greater challenge? Test your mental agility in Challenge Mode!

Key Features:
– Slice through shapes ranging from simple squares to sprawling structures.
– Earn diamonds through skillful play to unlock more diverse challenges.
– Endless possible procedurally generated levels.
– Intuitive gameplay that unfolds into an expansive strategic challenge.
– Swap and Dissolve Blocks – Unlock special block types to add an extra layer of strategy!
– Challenge Mode – Test your mental agility with timed puzzles. How many can you solve before the clock runs out?

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 Diffission v1.0 APK MOD

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