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Digital Wars v1.0 Apk


Digital Wars v1.0 Apk  – a mathematical puzzle, the essence of which is to score more points than your opponent.

The rules are simple, someone goes first, choosing a figure from the row/column, followed the course of an opponent – he should choose from the column/row of which was the previous move of an opponent, then there is an alternation of rows/columns, and a game, you go either Only by columns or by rows. On the field, et as numbers with a positive and a negative value.

The game continues until there is an opportunity to turn or time has expired on the course.

The game has three game modes:
– Multiplayer;
– Playing with the bot;
– Play together on one device.

It is also possible to register via Google + to participate in the rating table.


 Digital Wars v1.0 Apk

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