Saturday , January 29 2022

Dirt On Tires [Offroad] v 0.921 APK mod


Dirt On Tires [Offroad] v 0.921 APK mod  Immerse yourself in the world of off-road on your phone. Experience dozens of real off-road monsters FIELDS from the Urals, on the open road impassable with different biomes.

Feel the force of impassable trails, iron horses strength, the power of nature.

The main goal of the game shipping on impassable roads. From the start of the game of your choice would be 10 cars for the races and the subsequent tuning. But do not forget to refuel on the way …

Forget what the boundaries loading screens and closed circuit. At your disposal more than 100 square kilometers of off-road, scenic spots, steep slopes and other attractions.

We have provided a variety of biomes:

Peat Plain;
Snow-covered mountains:
Ground area;
Study the map, look for workarounds, choose your best route. The faster and safer you deliver the goods, the greater the reward!


Dirt On Tires [Offroad] v 0.921 APK

Dirt On Tires [Offroad] v 0.918 APK mod

Dirt On Tires [Offroad] v 0.915 APK mod

Dirt On Tires [Offroad] v 0.915 APK

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