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Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod)


Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod) Fan since the beginning I really like this game. Play it daily. Looking forward to the free levels continuing through the upcoming season 9. The updates have great potential, but they need some work. I truly believe the premium cost should be less than half of what Tiny Rebel is asking. That would be reasonable and I believe they would have less bickering from fan area users. $10 is simply way too much for a small portion of an app.

Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod) Wonderful! Fun! The Best! If you’re a Whovian, and even if you’re not, this game is a must play! The background story is great, the support is wonderful, game play is awesome, and you’ll never be bored with this. They update it quite often. I can go on and on, but enough for now. I love this game, I love the TRB team, and I think this is one of the best games to play. It is a labour of love, and the TRG team work hard to make this the best experience possible for players.

Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod) DWL This is an absolutely amazing game. There’s new content all the time and you will never be bored with what you have. The team really listens to their support base. Everyone loves a free game and this is truly a great one. There’s are no silly lives; you can play as long as you want. There’s no pay to win bs you have with other games. Support the game and buy time crystals!

Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod)  Who” fans out there this is a must have role playing puzzle game. This game provides hours of time killing fun. You can work side by side all your favorite doctors and companions. Download load it gives it a try if you want to travel with the doctor you this app.

Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod) David Tennant Dude this game is AWESOME, I think David is the hottest, of them all. But John Borrowman, is cute to, Captain Jack Harcness, and The Doctor! You all GOT TO play this game, even if your not a whovian, just play the game.

Named BEST Puzzle Game for the last two years by BestAppEver, don’t miss out on the new 3.0 release of the game that Kotaku called “one of the very best examples of free to play”. Incredibly fun and engaging, you will gem match your way through over 100 HOURS of Doctor Who brand-approved story featuring every single Doctor from the history of the show, over 160 allies and companions. Battle Cybermen, Daleks, Judoon, Sontarans, The Master, and so many more! This is the Doctor Who adventure of a lifetime and beloved by 2 million fans around the world. What are you waiting for? Join our amazing Whovian community ( )!

LIVE SUPPORT with WEEKLY updates of new content including weekly releases alongside the upcoming Season 9 of the show

UNLOCK THE FAN AREA for dozens of exclusive levels with amazing rewards!

UNLOCK THE SONIC ADVENTURES for 30 brand-new levels, a set of Rank 5 allies, and gather up all of the Sonic devices from the Doctor Who series to add to your team!

UNLOCK DOCTOR WHO KIDS for the littlest Whovians and let them collect for you a dozen lovely new costumes while they play this simple, streamlined area of the game with 20 levels!

MIX AND MATCH your team from the modern series as well as favorites from Classic Who, Big Finish, Engines of War, and Titan Comics!

Twitter: @DoctorWhoLegacy
Facebook: doctorwholegacy
Weekly Twitch: (Thursdays, 12 noon pacific)

For more info on Doctor Who, visit and!


Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod)


Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 (Mega Mod)

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