Tuesday , May 26 2020

DOWNLOAD APK Curry Goat Revenge Updated v1.5.14

RevengeDOWNLOAD APK Curry Goat Revenge Updated v1.5.14

Recent updates was breaking the game. We’re working on a fix for the current known issues and hope to get this to you within a day.
Known issues:-
-Small ads are still displayed after purchasing the “Remove Ads” In-App Purchase
-Low performance on low end devices
Curry Goat Revenge – the endless runner with a spicy twist. Compatible with most high-end android phones (e.g Galaxy S5+), the app features a comical Caribbean goat with a sole purpose to cause as much havoc as possible. Having seen his friends taken away in the van to the slaughterhouse, the goat’s mission is to seek revenge on the local people who have a penchant for curried goat dishes.
The app’s colorful illustrations bring the rural surroundings to life, with palm trees, rocky roads and mountains gracing the landscape. But this is far from paradise, as by playing the goat, users gain points by knocking over as many people as possible while avoiding the obstacles in their path.
“Yu get buck down”

“Ah who dash da box”

“No curry goat for you tonight”
You will grow familiar with the catchphrases expressed by the goat as it mows down his foes. In addition to this, every character in the game has a backstory. Users of the app will have the option to customise their goat by using coins to purchase items and garments.


· Beautiful tropical environments

· Quirky items and upgrades

· Rag doll physics

· Universal leaderboard

· Destructible environment

· Excellent sound effects and music


DOWNLOAD APK Curry Goat Revenge Updated v1.5.14


DOWNLOAD APK Curry Goat Revenge Updated v1.5.14

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