Saturday , January 29 2022

Dr. Panda in Space v1.1 APK Mod


Dr. Panda in Space v1.1 APK Mod While you explore the universe, you’ll find friendly aliens as well as familiar friends—and they all need your help! Fix a space ship, repair a satellite, find your way through a meteor maze, and more.

As you discover the galaxy, you’ll find different varieties of plants that these two cute aliens just love to eat! Play with them and feed them what you find to see what happens! Will they breathe fire? Shrink? Grow? Experiment and find out!

Key Features:

• Customize your own space ship
• Explore the stars!
• Meet and play with cute aliens!
• Collect plants to feed to aliens for tons of different reactions!
• Dozens of activities to discover-repair space ships, take care of your astronauts, and more!
• Play in zero gravity with Dr. Panda
• No third party ads or in app purchases

What’s new:
3… 2… 1… Lift off into a new Dr. Panda in Space update!
– Help Dr. Panda and Richie the raccoon refuel their rocket ship
– Explore the universe to discover new planets!
– Bug fixes and performance improvements for a more optimized play experience


 Dr. Panda in Space v1.1 APK


 Dr. Panda in Space v1.1 APK

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