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Dragon Warrior: Legends World v1.28.1 Apk (Mod Money)


Dragon Warrior: Legends World v1.28.1 Apk  (Mod Money)  – one of the new action and role playing games for mobile now. The game is the interesting and attractive story about the violent war in rescuing human from death. Along time ago, in Japan, as people’ life was being improved. People began to discover the new lands with hope to have the better life. This made monster have to face to the perdition unintentionally.
Most of them were killed; the rest is arrested and become slaves. They had to give magic to save their life. As the result, tyrant Kiri who was owner of Zukiyasu had this power of magic.
Under the darkness and supporting of “Dark Moon” Tsukiyomi, Kiri used his power to make the invincible league from army Zukiyasu and devils.
The land Anoko of the clans where people worshiped “Sun Light” was invaded and face to the danger of perdition. In that case, feudal lord Akorashi asked “Sun Light” to appear to protect them. However, only one thing which “Sun Light” could bring them is the guide for Anako’s people. With the guide of “Sun Light”, Akorashi convened all of Anako’s people to find out person who had ability to overcome the danger to come the other land where people had the same fate to appeal to people for making a league against Kiri.
Nobody had ability to undertake this mission except Taru- one civilian who was an orphan. The hero will rescue all of people from the darkness of death from Kiri.
Game & Equipments
“DRAGON WARRIOR: Legend of World” is one of the action games based on the fictional plot. Gamers will get under the skin of main character to cross the lands and fight against the different monsters. In total process of playing game, players can upgrade power for character by collecting the coin and buy the kinds of items. There are many weapons and armors with the typical features so that players can choose. In addition, the game has many special skills, they helps gamers to increase the ability in fighting.

The Game “DRAGON WARRIOR: Legend of World” with two Modes of Playing Game

+With playing mode following of plot: Players will be enjoyed the action with the attractive plot. Each of level will be a big challenge for each gamer.
+With playing mode of “life-and-death”: this mode will be unlocked after players finish the mode follow the plot. With this mode, gamers will experience the game more wonderfully with all of kind’s weapons and have chance to get more coin.

ARRASOl will bring you all the brand-new experiences with “DRAGON WARRIOR: Legend of World” on mobile. We do hope that all of things which we improve make you have at least one reason to wait for the following version of “Dragon Warrior”.

“DRAGON WARRIOR: Legend of World”…the new game…the new battle….the new hope.


Dragon Warrior: Legends World v1.28.1 Apk  (Mod Money)

Dragon Warrior: Legends World v1.2 (Mod Money)

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