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Egyptian Mysteries (Cardboard) Apk v1.0


Egyptian Mysteries (Cardboard) Apk v1.0  Egyptian Mysteries is an investigation game for the Google Cardboard in which you will have to find out what happened to the hero’s brother that just disappeared. The quest will take you next to the great Sphinx, inside the pyramid of Giza and even inside Ramses II’s temple.

To solve this mystery, you will have to use you problem solving skills, your precision and your talent.

Beside of the investigation, Egyptian Mysteries is full of mini games that will let you enter our archery to play with our hunting bow or even solve multiple puzzles.

As one of the best game available for the Google Cardboard, Egyptian Mysteries is a promise for hours of fun!

Egyptian Mysteries requires a Google Cardboard or similar VR headset


Egyptian Mysteries (Cardboard) Apk v1.0

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