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Expansion RTS v1.0.4 APK MOD


Expansion RTS v1.0.4 APK MOD Real-time space strategy game for mobile devices. Featuring an intuitive and simple interface for a flawless gaming experience. Expansion aims to bring the classic, in-depth real-time strategy concepts to your mobile device.

* Colonize planets and customize them with different structures. These structures help to improve your economy, unlock new units or turn your planet into a military stronghold.
* Create a fleet of multiple divisions, consisting of a range of different front units and support units with special powers. Use powerful combinations to crush your opponent.
* Conquer planets and destroy the enemies fleet to gain control over the entire map. Keep your divisions alive as they regenerate health when stationed on allied planets.

The current version consists of a tutorial mission, 2 campaigns with multiple levels and an early stage multiplayer map.

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 Expansion RTS v1.0.4 APK MOD


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