Thursday , May 28 2020

Fatality – Scary Game v1.3 (Full)

FatalityFatality is a scary game. Specifically an adventure horror Fatality – Scary Game v1.3 (Full).

The year is 1996. Your wife an independent field researcher has been missing for 4 days. She was last known to be traveling to an area known as the pit. It’s about 20 miles from any nearby town. The area has a history for missing person reports. Many searches have been conducted. The only thing that was ever found was a mutilated dog at a nearby abandoned property. Some seem to think it could be paranormal related. The local county officials say they’re looking into the report. They have closed all nearby roads and have issued a lockdown of the area. You must go there at night. The only way into the pit is to drive as far as you can then walk the rest of the distance. Will you be the one to solve the mystery?

Game: Fatality


Fatality – Scary Game v1.3 (Full)

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