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FINAL BLADE v1.17.0 (Mod Apk)


FINAL BLADE v1.17.0 (Mod Apk)

—100th anniversary revision—

The days when we got along with the brave have come to 100 days!
Heroes Wang and Ru Shi are here to thank the brave people for their support~
In order to commemorate this special day, we have specially prepared a full update and rich gifts.
Come and celebrate this year’s best anniversary and Mid-Autumn Festival!

[Central Mountain Re-evolution] Let the brave guys break the bowl of Yue Ji come true!
The seven-star “Shenshan Yue Ji” is more correct, more frank and more sexy!
Yujie’s breath is bursting, Yue Ji adults are just stepping on me~~~

[Mountain anthropomorphic new role] The cutest mountain range is coming!
Different from the domineering of the central mountain Yue Ji姊姊,
This time, the cute Hong Kong Taipingshan twin “Vido” and “Lia”
Want to experience the beauty of your sister? Come and have them!

[Eight Star Heroes Debut] This update will be the first eight-star hero in the game!
As the longest protagonist group to accompany the brave, they will appear in a new look.
Are you ready for the new ones! ?

————— Game story background —————

[The beginning of the legend] The origin of the story revolves around a magic sword – “炙炎剑”.
It is said that in the past there was a group of martial artists who pursued the ultimate in martial arts. In order to break through the limits, they would pour their soul into the sword.
Yan Yanjian has become a magic sword carrying thousands of heroes, and it contains powerful power. The power of the world is fascinating.

In order to obtain eternal life, the Emperor Honglian vowed to burn every inch of land in order to find out the Yan Yanjian. Even the great country of history, Canglan, can’t resist him.

The Red Lotus Festival attacked, and the blue stepped back.
Some people say that in the battle between the two countries, Yan Yanjian suddenly appeared,
It is also said that Yan Yanjian disappeared from the battlefield.
No one knows what happened in the end.

The Emperor Honglian continued to search for Yan Yanjian and ruled the ancient continent with high pressure.
Heroes from all over the country resisted, aiming at the seal of Yan Yanjian and embarking on the journey of finding Yan Yanjian…

————— Game features —————

[Original story X experience a new world view! 】
The original 100,000-word plot has more than 300 hero characters.
Enter the world of chaos and embark on the sacred path of the seal magic sword with the heroes!

[Spine2D vivid vertical painting X shows unique people! 】
Extreme aesthetics to create the perfect gaming experience.
Collect your favorite characters, deepen the fate story between heroes, and create unique adventures~

[Initial professional hero X charm value broken table! 】
・Wu Zhe – Ren Lang: The general guardian of the Black Prince of Canglan, like a ghost on the battlefield, swears to defend the capital of the Canglan Kingdom.
・Assassin – Han Ji: A seemingly weak appearance, but able to fight against a strong enemy alone, a sexy assassin who will kill on the battlefield.
・Warrior – Wu Tian: He has a very high talent, and he can’t help but curiosity. He goes down alone to travel to the world.
・Shooter – Hung Hom: Born in the Dragon Fire Mountain Range, with agile skill and solid body, due to the outbreak of the blue and red lotus war, stand up and fight with Honglian!

[Traditional version of the special role X exclusive design is tempting! 】
The original Korean factory is tailor-made to create the exclusive character “Central Mountain Range – Yue Ji”, which is tolerant of all the people on the earth.


Belongs to your heroic chapter, officially launched~
Unveil the prelude to the war, and blow the horn of justice!
Korea 2D Extreme Aesthetics Masterpiece “FINAL BLADE: Heroes Do Not Die”

For more information on the game, please pay attention to the FB fan group:

FINAL BLADE:英雄不滅,100日紀念!
FINAL BLADE:英雄不滅,100日紀念!
FINAL BLADE:英雄不滅,100日紀念!
FINAL BLADE:英雄不滅,100日紀念!
FINAL BLADE:英雄不滅,100日紀念!
FINAL BLADE:英雄不滅,100日紀念!

1. Increase the attack multiple (1 – 200)
2. Increase the defense multiple (1 – 200)





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