Thursday , August 6 2020

Final Fantasy XIII-2 v1.1.1 apk


Final Fantasy XIII-2 v1.1.1 apk character will fight to distinguish six types of roles (roles). By changing the combination of roles, such as attack type, defense type, you can organize a variety of parties.

Chris thallium
acquisition of capacity up and new abilities of the character, can be done at “Chris thallium”. Consuming the CP obtained in battle and fragment obtained, take the route, character by going to get a new crystal will continue to grow.

[Supported OS] Android 4.1 or later
(※ There is some non-compatible terminal)
—- ————————
[disclaimer] 1. with regard to the operation of non supported OS, will be supported.
2. even corresponding OS, and do not necessarily guarantee the operation of the latest OS.
3. Customer is by Wi-Fi environment is available (part of the fee Wi-Fi service), such as take each game video to be delivered in a streaming, there is the case that normally the game can not be played. Please contact customer support center of each Wi-Fi service during your contract.


 Final Fantasy XIII-2 v1.1.1 apk

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