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Flight 787 – Advanced v1.7 apk


Flight 787 – Advanced v1.7 apk  8 Different camera angles
* Radio Talking System (Takeoff Permission, Fuel and Pushback, Landing Permission etc.)
* Autopilot, Flight Notes
* Map Informations(Distance, Altitude etc.)
* Detailed Informations (Fuel, Oil and Engine Status)
* Lights, Engines, Landing Gear, Flaps, Spoiler, Cabin Pressure, Automatic Runway Stabilizer controls)
* Air brakes and Tire brakes
* 4 Different Speed Level
* Attitude and Status Monitors
* Collect Waypoints
* Random Flight Problems (Landing gear problems, Engine failure etc..)
* Stall System (Perdövites)
* Change your airplane theme your favorite airways
* 8 Different weather system (Rain, Snow, Sun etc.)
* High Definition Graphics
* Realistic Sound Effects
* High Quality Animations
* Share your score with friends. (Online Scores)
* 48 Airplane theme
* Take Photo
* Record gameplay video and share Facebook, youtube, twitter, g+ etc.


* Added High Quality and Original Cockpits for every airplanes
* Added B747, A400M, A380, F16 and UH-1Y
* Added crosswind takeoff and landing option
* Added 13 new missions (Total 25 missions)
* Added Flight Computer (Flight Assistance)
* Added Smart Early Warning Systems
* Advanced Flight Dynamics as more realistic
* Remastered All Tower and Pilot Voices
* Graphic Quality More advanced, (Glass, Reflections, Resolutions etc..)
* Added More detailed information monitors


Flight 787 – Advanced v1.7 apk


Flight 787 – Advanced v1.7 apk

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