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Frozen Synapse Prime v1.0.166 Apk

FrozenFrozen Synapse Prime v1.0.166 Apk

“Enhanced for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable”
“Gamepad support”
Take on the role of Tactics, leading a small rebel faction to overthrow a powerful corporation controlling the city of Markov Geist. Control an elite strike team of futuristic soldiers; from shotgunners and snipers, to grenadiers and machine-gunners in the ultimate turn-based strategy game. Plot paths and issue orders to your units, test your plans and predict your opponent in each turn. Combat plays out on procedural, 3D, destructible and customizable battlefields.- Rich single player campaign with 40+ challenging missions.
– In addition to classic deathmatch, games involve protecting VIPs, rescuing hostages, infiltrating and controlling bases, or collecting items to score points.

Thanks everyone for buying FS Prime! This is our first Android title as a developer. Although we’ve tested the game extensively and soft launched to find issues, new issues inevitably come up. We’re working on them as fast as we can and will update the game as soon as possible. If you’re having problems with the game please get in touch with us before leaving feedback.

Here is a heads up on the issues that we’re aware of:

• If you are encountering an “App not Licenced” message please contact Google Play support. Unfortunately it’s not something we can help with.
• Minor Graphical issues with specific models and devices (Xperia Z3, Xperia SP and Nexus Player)
• Leaving the Game when a Character Dialogue Message is present (such as Belacqua talking) makes the game unresponsive upon returning. (Workaround for now: Dismiss any prompts before leaving.)
• Tutorial – Pressing the Eject Button to close the time bar before being prompted makes game unresponsive. (Workaround for now: Do not press to close time bar until prompted.)

If you have any issues or queries regarding Frozen Synapse Prime please feel free to get in touch with us via

Thanks for playing and for your support, we hope you enjoy it!


Frozen Synapse Prime v1.0.166 Apk


Frozen Synapse Prime v1.0.166 Apk

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